Mothers Day Quotes and Wishes

Happy Mother’s Day 2022: Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day. He proposed the idea of ​​celebrating Mother’s Day in 1907 in the honor of mothers and motherhood. She was successful in gaining recognition at the national level in 1914.  Mother’s Day is celebrated in the dignity of the mother. She is known by many names like Maa, Mother, Mom, Ammi, mama but her love, her care, and her heart is the same for her child.  It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May in some countries. On this day people used to respect their mother who has a great contribution to their life and for whom they are present in this world. Below are some best Happy Mothers day quotes and wishes.

“Don’t say mother lives with me,
Say that we live with our mother
Happy Mother’s Day!”

” Thousands of people get to meet,
But there is no one like a mother again…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” There is so much fame in my world
it is because of my mother…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” If you stop it is like the moon, if you walk it is like the wind,
She is the mother who is like a shade even in the sun
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Where I don’t get so much,
There is so much comfort in a mother’s love…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” There is no sorrow in life if there is a mother
The world may not support you but mother’s love never diminishes…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” The destination is far and the journey is long,
There’s a lot to worry about in a short life.
When would this world kill us,
But there is a lot of effect in the mother’s prayers.
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

“This is my only heart to say,
That mother, you just stay like this…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” She is the most special person in everyone’s life.
Even though she is far away, she is near the heart,
Before whom even death bows its head,
She is none other than just a mother…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Everyone told me that today is mother’s day.
Who will tell what is the day, which is without mother…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”


” Not only this, the kilkaris resonate in every corner of the house,
Life has to be kept on the palm “mother” in being “mother”…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” There are many ways to die but only a mother who gives birth.
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Mother come to me, your memories haunts me
I’m tired, put me to sleep in your lap,
Turning your fingers into my hair,
Once again narrate the lullabies of childhood…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Have seen all the beauty of the world, but the mother who is in your aspect is nowhere else
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Every moment of heaven was seen, Mother, when you took love in your lap…
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” This seems to be an easy journey even on hard roads,
It seems to me the effect of a mother’s prayers
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” My mother did not sleep for a while
I once said that I am scared.
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” Life’s first teacher’s mother,
Life’s first friend mother,
Life too is a mother because
A mother who gives life
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” The story of my pampered love,
revolves around a celebrity,
That’s why I love heaven
Because she also kisses my mother’s feet
Happy Mother’s Day! ”

” One prayer of “mother” will make life,
She will cry herself but will make you laugh…
Never forget to make “mother” cry,
One small mistake will shake the whole earth…!! ”

” Thousands of people get to meet,
But there is no one like a mother again..!
Happy mother’s day ”

” Someone learns how to love
You are not only an idol of love,
have a piece of everyone’s heart
I say, mother, You will always be like this…
Happy Mother’s Day || ”

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