Happy Holi Wishes

Holi, the festival of colors is very near. This time the festival of Holi is starting from 18 March and this festival will be celebrated till the next day i.e. 19 March 2022. It is the auspicious and joyous time of the year. People eagerly wait for this festival which is full of color, love, fun, togetherness, and happiness. The preparations for making delicious Gujiyas and delicious Malpuas have already started in almost all households. Everyone is in a mood to celebrate this festival in a pleasant manner.

The most popular phrase that people say on Holi is– “Bura na mano holi hai”. On this day people have fun with each other, whether they are enemies or friends. People of all ages enjoy bathing together in different colors at this festival. Holi is not just a festival of applying colors but represents the arrival of spring and the triumph of good over evil.

We have collected some of the wonderful Holi Wishes and Messages for you that you can enjoy sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Today is Holi my Giridhar,
color me in your love,
I will drown in you like this,
No one can see in this world.
Happy Holi!

Picking up the water gun in the hands,
Color the whole world with the colors of Krishna ji.
Happy Holi wishes to everyone in advance

Have heard that Holi is coming, Gopiyan, be a little careful with us,
Because Krishna ji steals the color of the heart by applying color on the cheeks.

The fragrance of Mathura, the necklace of Gokul,
The aroma of Vrindavan, the drops of rain,
Radha’s hope, Kanha’s love,
Happy Holi to all beloved.

Radha’s colors and Krishna’s pichkari,
Color the whole world with the color of love,
These colors know no religion and no speaks,
Happy Holi to all my geeks

Sparkling colors, balloons filled with water,
Delicious gujiyas and melodious music.
There are true elements of a vibrant Holi
Happy Holi to you !!

May the colors of Holi spread the letter of love and joy in everyone’s life.
Wishing you all a wonderful Holi…!!


Make your Holi safe and joyful.
Eco-friendly and by playing it up with natural colors.
Hope you have a Cherished and happy Holi…!!

Life is one of the biggest colorful festivals.
Enjoy all the days with joy and gaiety.
Happy Holi to you…!!

Red, Pink, Green, Blue.
The colors of Phagun are thousand.
With so much joy and colors.
Come let’s celebrate this Holi festival together!!!
Wishing you a very wonderful Happy Holi !!

May this Holi fill your life with the colors of the rainbow and may you enjoy all the happiness, good health, and love throughout your life. Happy Holi!

Fill pichkari with colors of love
paint the whole world with the color of love
This color known neither a caste nor a voice
Happy Holi

This festival of colors
has brought a lot of happiness,
Let no one color you before us,
That’s why we sent the color of good luck at very first!

Celebrating the festival of Holi like this,
Only love rained with a Pichkari,
This is the chance to hug your loved ones
So get ready with gulal and colors

With the shades of the rainbow, wishes are being delivered to you.
Hope you are showered with affection, happiness, and delight
The ambition has been sent with the breeze, the message has been sent through the network,
Happy Holi to you and your family

The colors of Radha and the water gun of Krishna, paint the whole world with the colors of love, this color does not know any religion or any speech, Happy Holi to you!

Funny Holi SMS

God! Have mercy today 🙏…
My friends will not be able to stay today,
Get them painted in the hands of some girl ️ 💁‍♀️
I swear,
Then these bastards will not bathe for the whole year 😂😜😝
Happy Holi 🙏

Happy Holi Wishes to Girlfriend and Boyfriend

God bless that this time Holi comes like this
let me find my lost love
my world is colored only by that
I wish she would come and apply gulal secretly
Happy Holi

Today is Holi for everyone,
Your memories give me color every day
Happy Holi


We stopped playing Ishq ki Holiya,
Otherwise, the color on every face would have been ours only

Let the colors float in this dull life,
There is only one festival that makes us colorful

The color of love had risen in this March,
See the Phagun has come to paint in the colors of Holi.

There is nothing special about this Holi,
Had to paint those I did not have.

My face is still waiting for you,
I did not allow anyone to rub the gulal on my face

The color of your love is such that,
Now no color goes on it.

Putting color on her beloved face,
we too would have celebrated Holi if she were around me

She had asked by filling in her arms,
what color should I put on you
I also said, I just like the color of your lips

What’s Holi without you
It’s just a day, it will pass as it is.

The color of your love has dawned on me,
If he gets down then I will play Holi.

God bless that this time Holi comes like this,
Let me find my lost love,
My world is colored only by that,
I wish she would come and apply gulal quietly.

Full moon of Poornima, Doli of colors,
Moonlight spoke to the moon,
Fill everyone’s heart with joy,
May this Holi give color to your life.
Happy Holi!

Like the fancy colors of Holi,
I am wishing you and your whole family,
A very colorful Holi.
Happy Holi!

Colour blasted pichkari,
May the whole world be painted with colors,
May the color of Holi give color to your life,
This is our best wishes.
Happy Holi!

Be happy at every step,
Never face sorrow
May every moment of life be blessed with happiness,
Happy Holi from my side!

Holi related us with loved ones,
Holi carry colors of happiness,
Holi connect those who have been separated for years,
Happy Holi to all of you from my end!

Fragrance of Mathura
Necklace of Gokul
Aroma of Vrindavan,
Love of rain
Happy Holi festival to you!

Like the charming colors of Holi,
to you and your whole family,
A lot from our side,
Greetings full of colors and full of zeal.
Happy Holi!

May there be gulal of Holi and spring of colors
Sweetness of Gujia, one thing is special,
May there be love in everyone’s heart, let this be your festival.
Happy Holi!

I wish this colorful festival of Fagun
Brings tons of happiness to your life
Happy Holi!

Red ❤️ color for your cheeks,
Black 🖤 color for your hair,
Blue 💙 color for your eyes,
Yellow 💛 color for your hands,
Pink 💗 color for your dreams,
White 🤍 color for your heart,
Green color for your life,
With these seven colors of Holi,
May your life be colorful.
Happy Holi!

Holi is about to come
Don’t be afraid of colors
Be afraid of opalescent
Happy Holi in Advance!

Yellow of traditions, Blue of Neh,
Green of joy, Redness of grace,
we have united in the liquid of love,
I paint myself with that color,
Color you, color all,
Happy Holi!

The flowers stopped blossoming,
The stars have stopped shining,
There are few days left for Holi,
Then why did you stop bathing now
Happy Holi!

I thought to look back at someone,
Recall someone special
Whatever I decided to say Happy Holi,
My heart said why not start with you.
Wishing you a very lovely Happy Holi!

The fragrance of bhang, the breeze of cold,
The rush of the little ones, and the love of the elders,
Cheerful festival of colors to you.
Have a memorable Happy Holi this year!

May all color shower on you,
Every one craves to play Holi with you,
wish everyone color you so much,
That you crave to get rid of the color.
Wishing you a lovely Happy Holi!

Fragrance of sandalwood,
Necklace of silk,
Spray of Phagun,
Spring of colors,
Hopes of heart,
Affection of loved ones,
Happy Holi festival to you.

Wish today,
Wish tomorrow, Wish every moment for Happy Holi,
I wish my own color in this colorful Holi,
Welcome the greetings of Holi.
Happy Holi!

In the festival of colors,
Be full of all colors,
May your world be filled with a bundle of joy and delight,
This is my prayer to the Almighty every time.
Happy Holi my bro!

The festival of colors,
has brought much happiness,
Let no one color you before us,
That’s why we sent the color of wishes very first.
Happy Holi!

Our life is more multicolored than colors,
May this friendship be colorful,
Never spoil this Rangoli of love.
Oh, my dear Happy Holi!

In the enjoyment of Holi, there is a hidden sweetness,
There is a bunch of love covered in color and gulal.
Happy Holi!

I live in your heart
That’s why bear every pain with great love,
Let no one wish you before me,
That is why I wish Holi a day before.
Happy Holi to all of you!

Paint blown pichkari,
May the whole world be painted with colors,
May the color of Holi give color to your life,
This is our best wishes.
Happy Holi!

Holi festival is of color and cannabis,
of all of us friends,
of the guests who came to the house,
of street people in the street,
of the local people in the locality,
countrymen in the country,
“Bura Na Mano”
Happy Holi!

May this festival be full of all colors,
May your world be filled with lots of happiness,
This is our prayer to Almighty every time,
Happy Holi my friend.

It’s time to join hearts,
It’s time to erase distances
Holi festival is like this,
It’s time to get buried in colors.
Happy Holi!

Come, this time delete all the grievances, celebrate happiness together. Happy Holi to you and your family!

Happy colors of Holi. May Almighty bring this day repeatedly in your life. happy Holi!

May the festival of colors be full of all colors,
May your world be filled with lots of happiness,
This is my prayer to Almighty every time,
Happy Holi to you every time from my heart.
Happy Holi!

The color Holi with loved ones,
rub such a color,
Let there be Hud-dang,
Happy Holi to you with this message.
Happy Holi!

May there be love in everyone’s heart,
And spring colors,
Let this festival of Holi be like this
Happy Holi!

Colorful wishes on the auspicious occasion of Holi!

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