Happy Anniversary Wishes and Quotes

Marriage is such a beautiful relationship that crunch two hearts together. It is a bond of seven births. Marriage anniversary is the most exceptional day in everyone’s life. If you are close to any couple who is planning to celebrate their marriage anniversary very soon, then you must be prepare to wish them some special words for the special day. We have brought some best and favourite Marriage Anniversary Wishes for you.

May this auspicious day be filled with the joys of your life,
gardens through your early marriage journey,
mutual love, dedication and beautiful harmony.
Accept my warm wishes in your Wedding Anniversary!

How beautifully you have managed each other’s life,
Celebrate the wedding anniversary with great pomp,
this relationship of yours is very sweet.
Happy anniversary!

This is my prayer that you both be happy
Happy wedding anniversary,
May your love keep growing
Show new dreams every day.
Happy anniversary!

Congrats and elite wishes to you on your Marriage Anniversary.
May each new day to come, bring many successes and immense happiness in your life,
On this occasion, it is a prayer to God that he keeps you moving on the path of life with glory, opulence, progress, ideals, health, fame and prosperity.

Wishing you both a very happy married life’s anniversary,
May Lord Ram always embellish you both with growth, ethic, riches,
May the love and feelings of you people always be immortal like Shiva Parvati,
There may be turmoil in the relationship, but the prick should never come.
Happy anniversary!


Happy wedding anniversary,
One who keeps an explosive for so many years,
Deserves congratulations.
Happy anniversary!

There is desire, there is happiness in your arms,
Wish a fragrant evening is your anniversary,
Let your eyes be decorated with the picture of this day,
May the stars be scattered at your feet on this day.
Happy anniversary!

How good do you both look together?
You both keep on loving each other like this,
May the love of both of you become deeper than ever,
We ask, this prayer from God.
Happy wedding anniversary to you!

When a companion is with you, then what is the matter?
May this memorable day of the beginning of this journey remain,
And your more beautiful relationship,
May these moments come again and again in your life.
Happy wedding anniversary to you again and again!

Life is considered painful
Yet there is this relief in this,
That I am completely yours and you completely are mine,
I wish we remain like this, this desire is still there.

It is our nature to talk well with every friend,
Its our wish that every friend is happy,
Let no one remember us
It is our habit to remember every friend.
Happy wedding anniversary to my adorable friend

Sometimes even the sun must have loved the moon,
That’s why there is a stain in the moon,
It is possible that the infidelity would have happened with the moon,
That’s why there is so much fire in the sun.

This marriage is formed by the union of hearts,
this is how your relationship should always be,
this is our good wish.
Millions of Happy Anniversary Wishes!

Were longing for the occasion for which,
That occasion also came for a few occasions,
Thought stop that occasion,
But that occasion did not stop for a occasion.
Happy Anniversary


Life is to smile like a flower,
Life is to forget the sorrow by smiling,
What happens if someone is happy with victory?
Life is about reliving enjoyment even after falling.
Happy anniversary!

This wedding relationship is deep,
It is the bonding of dear two hearts,
This is our wish on the occasion of your anniversary,
Always keep both of you together.
Millions of Happy Anniversary Wishes!

May every hour of life grant you comfort,
May every hour of the day grant you pleasure,
Where the breeze of sadness does not pass even after feeling it,
God give you that life.
Happy wedding anniversary!

I have prayed from deep down of my heart,
You should always get the affection of your family,
This love be never cast an evil eye
May this love be taller than the moon and the stars.
Happy anniversary!

You both are dear to us
who fill colors in happiness,
May your couple always be safe,
This is my only prayer to God
Happy anniversary!

Many congratulations on the wedding anniversary,
This is the earning of devotion and belief,
May respect, honor and love flow in your life.
Millions of Happy Anniversary Wishes!

Like flowers look wonderful in the garden,
That’s how you both flash together.
Happy wedding anniversary!

May the light of duo be safe,
May your home be filled with glee,
There is no sorrow in life,
Happy wedding anniversary to you.

I wish never break your love,
God bless you never get angry with each other,
You live this life as one,
May you never miss a single moment of happiness from both of you.
Happy wedding anniversary!

Your relationship has come from the sky,
Self respect is the identity of your relationship,
Your relationship is the identity of each other’s company and trust.
Happy wedding anniversary and best wishes!


May the grass of life be green
May life be full of happiness,
Keep this pair like this,
Live like this for a thousand years.
Happy anniversary!

Happy marriage love is the only love you get,
I pray from my heart that you get my lovely world,
Whatever the moonlight is, every night you get happiness every day.
Millions of Happy Anniversary Wishes!

Even friends find friends in enemies,
Flowers feed even in thorns,
Don’t leave us as a thorn
Thorns protect flowers.
Happy anniversary!

This is our prayer on your wedding anniversary.
All the stars in the sky are your age!

May this relationship, this happiness remain intact,
Let there be no sorrow in life,
Happy wedding anniversary to you,
Do not fall short of dreams.
Happy anniversary!

To be with you always in the campaign of life,
The colors of happiness brimmed by Almighty God every moment,
smile no matter what the moment,
Tomorrow brings happiness….
Happy Anniversary!

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