Top 10 Indian Dog Breeds You Should Pet

Human relationship with animals has been around for a long time in India. Especially with dogs!!! We Indians don’t simply love animals we worship them. Humans and animals are one family here. The most popular Indian Dog Breeds are Bakharwal, Bully Kutta, Chippiparai, Himalayan Sheepdog, Indian pariah dog, Jonangi, Kanni, Kombai. Also, there are some more that come into this list are Mahratta Greyhound, Mudhol Hound, Rajapalayam, Kaikadi, Rampur Greyhound, Sinhala Hound, Vikhan.

They are found everywhere in the country, from villages to urban cities. These dogs have unique characteristics and distinct features and traits. I am sure you are going to love this article if you are a true pet-lover and want to know more about them if you are planning to welcome them into your homes, then here are some most exotic Indian dog breeds you should definitely know.

Bakharwal Dog


Bakharwal dog is found in northern India. They are the age-old Indian dog breed found across the Pir Panjal Range of India. They are also found in smaller numbers in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Origin: Indian subcontinent
Dogs- 61–76 cm (24–30 in)
Bitches- 61–76 cm (24–30 in)
Weight: 70–90 kg (150–200 lb)
Life span: 6–12
Colour: Black and tan, piebald, tri-colour

Bully Kutta


This is a type of large dog, used for hunting and guarding. This Indian Dog breed is popular in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, including Haryana, Delhi, and Tamil Nadu.


Origin: Indian Subcontinent
Dogs- 76–86 cm
Bitches- 75–80 cm
Dogs- 70–90 kg
Bitches- 60–70 kg
Color: black, red, brindle, white, fawn, harlequin
Life Span: 8 to 10 years



Chippiparai is a breed of sighthound in southern India. This Indian breed dog is usually white in colour, with long legs and a lean body and limber frame built for speed. Its name derived from a village name Sippipparai in Vembakottai Taluk of Virudhunagar District, a Town in Tamil Nadu.


Origin: India
Dogs- 63 cm (25 in) average
Bitches- 56 cm (22 in) average
Colour Predominantly white

Himalayan Sheepdog


Also known as the Bhotia or the Himalayan mastiff. This Indian dog breed is found in the Himalayan foothills from Kashmir to Eastern Nepal and used as a livestock guardian and sometimes also used to assist in hunting. This is one of the best dog breeds in India.


Origin: India
Height: Typically 51–66 cm (20–26 in), can be up to 76 cm (30 in)
Weight: 23–41 kg (51–90 lb)
Colour: Black & tan or solid black, some white markings extremities.
Life Span: 11 years

Indian Pariah Dog


Also known as the Indian native dog, Desi Dog, and pye-dogs. They have a wedge-shaped head, erect ears, and a curved tail. They generally used as guard dogs and police dogs. Most of the street dogs in India are in fact Indian pye-dogs.


Origin: Indian subcontinent
Dogs- 20–25 in (51–64 cm)
Bitches- 18–23 in (46–58 cm)
Dogs- 20–30 kg (44–66 lb)
Bitches- 15–25 kg (33–55 lb)
Colour- solid fawn, pied (fawn/black & white), black (rare)
Life span- 10-13 years



This Indian dog is also known as Jonangi Jagilam or Kolleti Jagilam. They found in a major part of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and the east coast from West Bengal to Tamil Nadu. This dog breed has very smooth and short hair. It is mainly used for hunting.


Origin: India and Pakistan
Dogs- 18–22 in (46–56 cm)
Bitches- 18–22 in (46–56 cm)
Dogs- 55–85 lb (25–39 kg)
Bitches- 45–65 lb (20–29 kg)
Color- White, White with occasional black spots, Black, Grey, Brindle
Life span- 10–14 years

Indian Spitz

indian spitz

Indian Spitz is a small dog breeds in India with a pure milky white double coat. This is one of the most popular dogs in the 1980s and 1990s.


Origin: India
Dogs- 40–45 cm (16–18 in)
Bitches- 35–40 cm (14–16 in)
Dogs- 6–20 kg (13–44 lb)
Bitches- 5–18 kg (11–40 lb)
Colour: White, Brown
Life span: 10–14 Years



Kombai is a breed of dog found in Tamil Nadu, India. They are described as lean, muscular, powerful, and athletic structure. They used for hunting and also have a reputation for making excellent guard dogs.


Origin: India
Height: 71 cm (28 in)
Colour: Usually reddish-brown with a lighter saddle
Life span: 12 to 15 Years

Mudhol Hound


Also known as the Maratha Hound and the Kathewar Dog. The breed is popular in Mudhol, Karnataka.


Origin: Mudhol, Karnataka State, India
Dog- 68-72 cm
Bitch- 64-68 cm
Weight 9.1–13.6 kg (20–30 lb)
Colors: Black, White, Fawn, Brindle, Chocolate
Life span: 10 to 12 years

Rajapalayam dog


This Indian breed of dog is also known as the Indian Ghost Hound or the Polygar Hound. This is the south Indian dog breed. Rajapalayam is a town in Tamil Nadu. It is a large dog, used for hunting and as a guardian.


Origin: India
Height: 65 – 75 cm (Adult, At the withers)
Weight: 30 – 45 kg
Color: White
Life Span: 10-12 years

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