Top Rum Brands in India

Rum is considered a traditional celebratory spirit, in many parts of the world. It is made with molasses (sugarcane juice), after the fragmentation, distillation, and ageing process. 

Indians are a die-heart fan of rums, especially in winters. In India, rum is used for medical purposes too along with party drink tags. It has 3 major variants – White rum, Dark rum & Spiced rum. Rum in India is taken neat, with water or sometimes mixed with other drinks for flavor. 

The inclination towards rum over other alcoholic beverages in India, is also due to its low price & availability. Still, people prefer it over whiskey, gin & vodka for its taste. Here is the list of the top 5 rums brands in India, just for you:

Old Monk

old monk

The most iconic rum brand, Old monk is considered a famous rum in India since 1954. It is manufactured in Ghaziabad, U.P. India, and aged for around 7-12 years to give you this taste & flavor.

Old monk has a vanilla-like flavor with a woody taste, available in 6 different variants in the market:

  • Supreme Rum
  • Gold Reserve Rum
  • XXX Rum
  • Deluxe XXX Rum
  • White Rum
  • Legend-Limited Edition Rum

Alcohol content: 42%
Price range: Starts @500 – (750 ml)

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Founded in 1862 by Don Facundo, Bacardi is world-famous alcoholic beverages with 200 products across more than 150 countries. 

Bacardi is one of the best rum in India and is loved by people of every age group. It is widely used in making cocktails and following variants:

  • Bacardi Gold
  • Bacardi Black          
  • Bacardi Superior
  • Bacardi Oak-heart Spiced Rum
  • Bacardi Limon
  • Bacardi Tangerine

It is one of the best white rum brands in India.

Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price Range: 1 liter — INR 1300



Contessa is a product of Radico Khaitan, and known for its bold taste. Aged for around 12 years with notes of vanilla, cocoa, and dried fruits to make it a perfect blend. 

It is one of the top rum brands in India, famous among army personnel, and consumed mainly in winters. 

Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price Range: (750ml) INR 4-500

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan

This rum is named after famous Caribbean privateer – Sir Henry Morgan. This is preferred among spice rum lovers in India.

It has a unique taste, mixed with spices after the process of ageing for a year. This is again a budget-friendly rum brand in India available at a cheap price. 

  • Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum
  • Captain Morgan Dark Rum
  • Captain Morgan White Rum
  • Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold and Cola premix

Alcohol content: 42.8 %
Price range: Starts @600 – (750 ml)

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McDowell’s No.1


Manufactured by United Spirits Limited (USL), McDowell’s No.1 is a well-known rum brand in India & outside. Started in around 1990-1991, this classic rum has won many awards for its quality & bold taste. 

Available variants in the India market:

  • McDowell’s No.1 Celebration Deluxe XXX Rum
  • McDowell’s Caribbean White Rum

Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price range: 1 liter — INR 376

Hercules XXX RUM


This rum is mostly sold to the Defence sector and is exceptionally popular in India. It is one of the fastest expanding rum brands in India. The brand outcome is both white and dark rum. This rum is loved with a soft drink with a splash of iced water. It is far authorized in the Kerala Domestic Liquor market as well as paramilitary forces. It gives an exotic taste in every sip and doesn’t leave you with a hangover the next morning.

It has three variants:

  • Hercules Special Reserve Rum (dark)
  • Hercules XXX Rum (dark)
  • Sovereign XXX Rum

Alcohol Content: 42.8%
Price: 1 litre – INR 527



Its bitter taste makes it the world’s market leader. It is also available in both dark and white variants. You should go for Angostura if you don’t want to spend a hefty amount. This is one of the Caribbean’s leading rum producers and the most loved and best rum brands in India.

  • Angostura Variants:
  • Angostura® 1824
  • Angostura® 1919
  • Angostura® Single Barrel Reserve
  • White Oak
  • Forres Park Puncheon
  • Black Label, Royal Oak
  • Angostura® Reserva
  • Angostura® 5 year old
  • Angostura® 7 year old rum
  • Angostura® AMARO
  • Angostura® orange bitters
  • Angostura® aromatic bitters
  • Angostura® Lemon Lime and Bitters

Alcohol Content: 44.7%
Price: 750ml – INR 700 (approx.)

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate is the oldest Jamaican rum and most famous rum brand in India. Appleton Estate is famed for its old rums. You should consume this straight or mixed with cola.

Types of Appleton Rum

  • Appleton Estate 8 Year Old Reserve
  • Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Casks
  • Appleton Estate 15 Year Old Black River
  • Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Rum
  • Appleton 12 Year Old Rum

Alcohol Content: 40%
Price: 700ml – INR 1500 (approx.)



It is introduced in 1982. It is a coconut flavored liquor, finished with Caribbean rum. It is a refreshing taste of summer. There are many variations of Malibu. It is merged with mint, known as Malibu Fresh, tequila known as Malibu Red.

Country of origin: Barbados
Price: 750ml- INR 2,980(approx.)
Alcohol Content: 21%



Barcelo is the 4th biggest exporter of rum in the world. It is known as Dominican rum as it is based in the Dominican Republic. It is smooth and mixes well with others drinks.

Barcelo variants:

  • Ron Barceló Gran Añejo
  • Ron Barceló Gran Platinum
  • Ron Barceló Imperial Onyx
  • Ron Barceló Imperial Premium Blend
  • Barceló Cream Licor
  • Ron Barceló Añejo
  • Ron Barceló Blanco
  • Ron Miel Indias

Founded: 1930
Alcohol Content: 38%
Price: 750ml – INR 2000 (approx.)

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