Top 10 Reasons for Breakups

We are all living in the 21st century, where falling in love is like a piece of cake. Words like love, feelings, emotions, attachment, crazy for someone, care, adore, addicted can be easily found whispered by everyone. And coming to relationships, almost all the deep relationships experience some difficulties with the time and these difficulties become so complicated that they can end up with a breakup. As we all know, in the beginning, everything seems perfect and beautiful, but over time you have to face some bitter reality of the relationship. The difference of opinion, disagreement, and misunderstandings are ordinary in the relationship, and sometimes it becomes so intolerable that the only way out is separation.

Below listed are the top 10 most common reasons for breakups, partition, and some guidance for facing each issue.

1- Lack of understanding

Lack of understanding

Most breakups happen due to the lack of understanding between the two. The reasons are they belong to some other culture, environment, and so many things. They are unable to get the point of view of others. Love is a feeling of constant and strong affection for a person, and respect for another person. But, we are living in a modern world where love is nothing more than a deal. As I opine, Lack of understanding is not a major issue that cannot be resolved. To keep your relation alive, you have to understand your partner’s feelings and also cooperate with them for a happy relationship.

2- Lack of Communication


Even in this modern time, people are looking for such kind of relationships where they can understand the feeling of others without uttering a word. Love is a short-lived emotion of care where silence or not communicating is never golden. The more you communicate with your lover, the better you will feel. You can never have a good relationship if you have a miscommunication. Trust me, talk much to your partner as much as you can. You will have a healthy relationship.

3- Cheating


It is really hard to build someone’s trust if it has broken once. Love is the topic of poets, writers, and philosophers. There is no space for cheating on this. If you are cheating on your partner, then your relationship will not live longer. It is considered that cheating is the number one reason people head for Splits. Therefore, love your mate with a true heart as it is filled with emotions.

4- Life in the past

Life in the past

Returning to the past only complicates your present and shatter your future. Maybe, you are involved in a relationship in your past that can affect your current relationship. Therefore, it is advised to live in the present and never disclose your past relationship experiences with your current partner as it will never lead to anything great. Life in the past always obstruct you in the present, so you have to let move the past. Therefore, it is advised that never think of the past mistakes, leave the feelings of your ex to live a healthy present.

5- Secrets


There should be no secrets in a relationship, as it will lead you to a breakup. You should share everything with your partner, in fact, all those things that can harm your relationship if it heard from other sources instead of you. Your partner expects you to tell them your past clearly. If she/he truly loves you, they will accept you. Keeping secrets will affect your relationship like a poison.  

6- Being Unsupportive

Being Unsupportive

If you are not supporting your partner in his/her bad times or when they are stressed, this leads to a breakup. If you love truly someone, you have to help them in their dreadful times. If you can’t help, you can’t care for them, it means you don’t love them and I think it’s time to leave. You should be supportive if you want your relationship alive.

7- Unhealthy Sex

Unhealthy Sex

Sex is necessary for almost all committed relationships for many reasons. If you want your relationship to grow, you should have a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Sexual animosity can lead to many problems.

8- Pressure from the Family

Pressure from the Family

When two people planning their future after marriage then their family opinions play a vital role. There may be some religious, ethnic, and cultural differences. Sometimes, families never agree for certain reasons. They put pressure to ruin your relationship due to some social status. Therefore, there are two options for you: one explains to your family everything so they can accept you or why involved with someone who is so different from you? That’s it!!!

9. Long Distance

 Long Distance

In this ultra-modern age, it seems that managing a long-distance relationship would be easier than before but it is not correct. After a serious stay together for a long time, the people find themselves far from each other. There are some specific discussions that will improve your chances of managing healthy long-distance relationships.

  • Prioritize your schedules well.
  • Focus on quality communication.
  • Don’t rely solely on technology.
  • Don’t over-plan your time in person.
  • Don’t put your life on hold.
  • Let yourself trust — and earn that trust yourself.

10. Trust


It is the base of any relationship. Those relationships which are not trusted are good from the outside but empty from the inside. Trust is like a foundation to build love together. You should not break anyone’s trust if you are seriously loving them.

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