List of Libraries in the World

Libraries have been a part of the world’s most prominent place of information in history and today.

School libraries, public libraries, private libraries — whatever and any place they are, we love them all. For those of you not “of a particular age,” a library is a peaceful structure that houses huge loads of books and reference materials, normally tracing all the way back to old Pre-Internet Times.

The world has dominated in all strolls with the help of information that has been saved in structure and put away in the world’s greatest libraries. Established in 228 BC in Alexandria, Egypt, this library housed 700,000 parchments, Library of Alexandria is the most ancient in the world.

Numerous well-known scholars of the time-examined or worked in the library, including the cosmologists Aristarchus and Eratosthenes, the writer Callimachus, the mathematician Euclid, the researcher Herophilus, and the history specialist Manetho.

The library had a considerable lot of similar qualities to an advanced library, for instance, messages were coordinated by topic, government records were likewise held in the library, and there were references clarifying what sets of tablets and rooms contained.

We’d love to go through a day in any of these libraries making up for a lost time in the vibe it offers.

Here is the list of the Largest libraries in the world according to the size of the collection:

NameCountryLocationCatalogued sizeVisitors per yearBudgetStaff
British Library United KingdomLondon and Boston Spa170–200 million1.75 million£141 million1,977
Library of Congress United StatesWashington D.C.170 million+1.9 millionUS$696.112 million3,149
Shanghai Library ChinaShanghai56 million
New York Public Library United StatesNew York City55 million18 millionUS$250 million3,000
Library and Archives Canada CanadaOttawa54 millionC$116.9 million874
Russian State Library RussiaMoscow47.5 million1.12 million2.4 billion RUB1,699
National Diet Library JapanTokyo and Kyoto44.1 million7,91,370¥21.8 billion908
Royal Danish Library DenmarkCopenhagen and Aarhus42.5 million (physical items, excl. digital)1.45 million523.8 million DKK800+
Bibliothèque nationale de France FranceParis40 million1.3 million€254 million2,668
National Library of China ChinaBeijing37.7 million5.2 million1,365
National Library of Russia RussiaSaint Petersburg36.5 million1 million
German National Library GermanyLeipzig and Frankfurt36.1 million3,50,713€54.9 million642
Biblioteca Nacional de España SpainMadrid33.1 million€29.2 million482
Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences RussiaSaint Petersburg26.5 million
Berlin State Library GermanyBerlin23.4 million1.4 million
Boston Public Library United StatesBoston, Massachusetts22.4 millionUS$38.9 million
New York State Library United StatesAlbany, New York20 million
Harvard Library United StatesCambridge, Massachusetts18.9 million922
National Library of Sweden SwedenStockholm18 million364.5 million SEK
Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine UkraineKyiv15.5 million5,00,00050.3 million ₴900
Yale Library United StatesNew Haven, Connecticut15.2 million

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