List of Mountains in India

India is blessed not only with culturally and lingual diversity but also with diverse natural appearances like evergreen forests, deserts, valleys, fertile plains, natural terrain, snowy mountains, flora, and fauna, etc. We have the mighty Himalayas and have some highest peaks as well which counted in the highest mountain range in the world. Kanchenjunga, Nanda Devi, and Kamet, to name the top three in the highest peaks in India.

Kanchenjunga ranked first in the list of highest mountains in India and ranked third highest peak in the world with an elevation of 8,586 m (28,169 ft). Anamudi is the highest peak in South India and also the highest point in the Western Ghats. In this blog, we have listed all the mountain ranges in India.

Many websites have listed K2 as the highest peak in India but it is not. It is located in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir and China-administered Kashmir not in India. It is the second highest mountain on Earth, after Mount Everest with a height of 8,849 metres (29,032 ft).

RankName Height (m)Height (ft) State
1Kanchenjunga 8,58628,169Sikkim
2Nanda Devi 7,81625,643Uttarakhand
3Kamet 7,75625,446Uttarakhand
4Saltoro Kangri / K10 7,74225,400Ladakh
5Saser Kangri I / K22 7,67225,171Ladakh
6Mamostong Kangri / K35 7,51624,659Ladakh
7Saser Kangri II E 7,51324,649Ladakh
8Saser Kangri III 7,49524,594Ladakh
9Teram Kangri I 7,46224,482Ladakh
10Jongsong Peak 7,46224,482Sikkim
11K12 7,42824,370Ladakh
12Kabru N 7,41224,318Sikkim
13Ghent Kangri 7,40124,281Ladakh
14Rimo I 7,38524,229Ladakh
15Teram Kangri III 7,38224,219Ladakh
16Kirat Chuli 7,36224,153Sikkim
17Mana Peak 7,27223,858Uttarakhand
18Apsarasas Kangri 7,24523,770Ladakh
19Mukut Parbat 7,24223,760Uttarakhand
20Rimo III 7,23323,730Ladakh
21Singhi Kangri 7,20223,629Ladakh
22Hardeol 7,16123,494Uttarakhand
23Chaukhamba I / Badrinath Peak 7,13823,418Uttarakhand
24Nun-Kun 7,13523,408Ladakh
25Pauhunri 7,12823,385Sikkim
26Pathibhara / The Pyramid 7,12323,369Sikkim
27Trisul I 7,12023,359Uttarakhand
28Satopanth 7,07523,212Uttarakhand
29Tirsuli 7,07423,209Uttarakhand
30Chong Kumdang Ri 7,07123,199Ladakh
31Dunagiri 7,06623,182Uttarakhand
32Kangto 7,06023,163Arunachal Pradesh
33Nyegyi Kansang 7,04723,120Arunachal Pradesh
34Padmanabh 7,03023,064Ladakh
35Shudu Tsempa 7,02423,045Sikkim
36Chamshen Kangri / Tughmo Zarpo 7,01723,022Ladakh
37Aq Tash 7,01623,018Ladakh
38Chong Kumdang Ri II 7,00422,979Ladakh
39Rishi Pahar 6,99222,940Uttarakhand
40Thalay Sagar 6,98422,913Uttarakhand
41Mount Lakshmi 6,98322,910Ladakh
42Kedarnath Main 6,96822,769Uttarakhand
43Langpo 6,96522,851Sikkim
44Saraswati Parvat I / Saraswati Peak 6,94022,769Uttarakhand
45Shahi Kangri 6,93422,749Ladakh
46Sri Kailash 6,93222,743Uttarakhand
47Kalanka 6,93122,739Uttarakhand
48Chorten Nyima Ri 6,92722,726Sikkim
49Saf Minal / P. 6911 6,91122,673Uttarakhand
50Panchchuli II 6,90422,651Uttarakhand

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