Blended Scotch Whisky


Blended Scotch whisky is a blend of malt and grain whiskies. These products are the soul of the industry. It is commonly a product of infusing one or more single malt whiskey with other ingredients. We have listed some best-blended scotch whisky around the world. Ballantines finest blended Scotch whisky Ballantine is blended with 50 … Read more

Top 10 Alcohol Brands in India


India is world-famous for its festivals and cultural events. These social gatherings are incomplete without a sip of favorite alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages in India are available in the form of whiskey, rum, beer, and more. People go with their own choices, according to taste, mood, age, and seasons.  We have picked 10 popular alcohol … Read more

Top Rum Brands in India


Rum is considered a traditional celebratory spirit, in many parts of the world. It is made with molasses (sugarcane juice), after the fragmentation, distillation, and ageing process.  Indians are a die-heart fan of rums, especially in winters. In India, rum is used for medical purposes too along with party drink tags. It has 3 major … Read more

Top 10 Reasons for Breakups


We are all living in the 21st century, where falling in love is like a piece of cake. Words like love, feelings, emotions, attachment, crazy for someone, care, adore, addicted can be easily found whispered by everyone. And coming to relationships, almost all the deep relationships experience some difficulties with the time and these difficulties … Read more