List of Longest Rivers in the World


A river is a characteristic streaming conduit, streaming towards a sea, ocean, lake, or another waterway. Rivers have been a significant piece of human and creature life forever ago. Despite the fact that it very well may be difficult to see the significance of waterways in your everyday life, especially in the event that you … Read more

List of Libraries in India


A library is known for its huge collection of data and comparable assets made available to a characterized local area for reference or learning. The truth stays that regardless of whether the innovation is on a peak, nothing can remove the appeal of perusing a softcover book or even the sentiment of being in a … Read more

List of Dams in India


India, the place where rivers have the gigantic potential for the development of enormous dams. India is home to around 5,200 dams spread across the country, for various purposes and well-being. After Independence, we have gained bunches of headway in dams and water repositories, Now India is one of the world’s most productive dam manufacturers. … Read more

List of Libraries in the World


Libraries have been a part of the world’s most prominent place of information in history and today. School libraries, public libraries, private libraries — whatever and any place they are, we love them all. For those of you not “of a particular age,” a library is a peaceful structure that houses huge loads of books … Read more

Bridges in India


We have built numerous bridges to handle all the obstacles laid down by the rivers, valley, or road. India has probably the best construction of bridges above water . It increases the income when they join two places that supplement each other financially. Bhupen Hazarika Setu is the longest(9.15 Km long) bridge in India that … Read more

GI Tags in India


The full form of the GI tag is “Geographical Indications“. It is a name or a sign assigned to certain products that are related to specific geographical locations or origins like a region, town, or country. There are around 365 products that have been added to the GI list till now. Darjeeling tea was the … Read more


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