Cartoon Characters

Remember those childhood days when we used to watch cartoons all day and I can bet those were the best days of our lives. You don’t need to be a kid to love cartoon characters, those cartoons are our first crush and many of us first fell in love with them. Throughout the chronicles of TV history, cartoon characters have shone brilliantly, bringing joy and happiness to our children and also for grown-ups. With so many exemplars out there, from Walt Disney to Hanna-Barbera to the likes of Wile E. Coyote, Tom Cat, Mickey Mouse, The Simpsons, and even Superman, it appears difficult to create a definitive list of the greatest cartoon characters on TV. However, it must be done. Mickey Mouse, Tom-Jerry, and Popeye are the most famous cartoon of all time.

When I was young, there was nothing more excited as a Sunday morning. I’d wake up before the marathon schedule of cartoons started, bothered by whatever talking head was all the while yammering on at 7:30. But then came three hours with Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, and Mickey Mouse. There were also many female cartoon characters that boys secretly fancied and I was also one of them (Hahaha). The DVR and unlimited channels have made Sunday mornings antique, but I personally preferred retro cartoons anyway. We live in a golden age of animation, but with just a few omission, the most innovative and creative minds are aimed at grown-ups. The Simpsons, Goofy, Family Guy, Popeye, Adult Swim, Peter Griffin, and the return of Futurama—some of the funniest and amusing shows on TV are cartoons.


We figured out it would be a good time to admire the TV cartoon characters, old or young, that we hold dear. We could have discovered 100 amazing ones just from The Simpsons and Looney Tunes. However, we tried to expand a bit. Which ones—on this list or missing—do you love? I have collected 100+ cartoon characters to draw easily and have fun too. There are many tips when you come to draw them.

It will be difficult to find people who are never surprised that there are cartoons, the routine of watching shows that are one of the greatest parts of our childhood years. It is no surprise that some famous cartoon characters are forever embedded in our memory, be it with hobbies or sheer hatred, and while most of them were created purely with the imaginations of the creators, A select few were actually inspired by real people.


Can you name fifty famous cartoon network characters names at the top of your head? I didn’t think I could start … until I started. If you are over 30, you will recognize and know each of these characters. In writing this post I realized the sheer amount of all cartoon characters that have enduringly penetrate my brain. A famous cartoon character has one thing in common: They are incredibly tacky, like it or not, they occupy your headspace, and never leave.

Whether they be old cartoon characters or essentially the most well known and famous, you will discover all the greatest names from classics below. And remember, just because a character is on an incredible show doesn’t mean that character, alone, is one of the best ever.

Here is the list of top 100 cartoon characters of all the time. This list contains animated cartoon characters also. There will be a blend of Disney and non-Disney characters, from TV and movies. This list will likewise contain characters from current shows and movies, and characters from older ones. There are simply too many to list. I’ll get the greatest number as I can. Scroll down to see who inspired the cartoon characters in real life and don’t forget to comment and share your favorites!

List of Famous Cartoon Characters

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