Find your dream home at Parx Laureate in Noida


With the launch of the Parx Laureate, the market of the real estate Noida appreciating the developer of launching the marvelous residential project. The prodigious venture brought by the foremost builder Laureate Buildwell. This project is situated at magnificent location of Noida sector-108. Location of the site greet you with the vibrant environment and scenic … Read more

Most Famous Paintings in the World


Painting is a way of expressing one’s emotion using methods that astonish the audience. From the early modern era to the 21st century there have been some renowned painters whose paintings have created a permanent impact on the history of art and paintings. Here is the list of some most famous painters and their paintings:- … Read more

Bridges in India


We have built numerous bridges to handle all the obstacles laid down by the rivers, valley, or road. India has probably the best construction of bridges above water . It increases the income when they join two places that supplement each other financially. Bhupen Hazarika Setu is the longest(9.15 Km long) bridge in India that … Read more

Top 10 Waterfalls in India


India, the land of waterfalls, lush green trees, and beautiful flowers. There are many spectacular waterfalls here that attract tourists all over the world. You should have to move to North-East states of India if you are planning to see them. If you want to see the natural beauty of the waterfalls then you should … Read more

Ninja Hattori Characters Names


Ninja Hattori, a Japanese animated series aired between the mid-60s has one of the most loved cartoon characters. Kanzo Hattori, the lead ninja in the anime has a great set of ninja tactics to tackle problems faced by him and his friends. There are many characters in Ninja Hattori. Some of them like feisty, judgmental, … Read more

GI Tags in India


The full form of the GI tag is “Geographical Indications“. It is a name or a sign assigned to certain products that are related to specific geographical locations or origins like a region, town, or country. There are around 365 products that have been added to the GI list till now. Darjeeling tea was the … Read more

Gaur World Smartstreet Retail shops in Greater Noida West


The golden nest opportunity arriving for every property seeker to buy retail shops in the heart of Noida Extension (Greater Noida West). The illustrious builder Gaur launching their magnificent and latest commercial space at Gaur World Smartstreet. The developer offered a number of facilities which were not given in any commercial space, some are ample … Read more